How to List EPF Previous Member ID with UAN

How to List EPF Previous Member ID with UAN: In order to List EPF Previous Member ID with UAN. We need to understand this option use carefully. First of all, you need to know that EPFO has allotted one UAN (Universal Account Number) to each Employee and Unique Member ID to each EPFO Member (Employer).

For Example: – If I am an Employee and working for ABC Pvt Ltd. My UAN is 123456789 and Member ID : – DL CPM 0025568 000 0036519 and for some reason. I have to quite the Job from ABC Pvt Ltd and I will join XYZ Pvt Ltd. Then, my UAN would be the same as previous 123456789. But my Member ID will be changed in this case. It is up to me to take the decision of PF withdrawal (if I worked for more than 6 months). If I do not want to withdraw the PF and want to continue as it is as previous. Then, I have to two option.

First I will provide my Previous Member ID and UAN details through Form 11 to my new Employer that’s mean, the new employer start to submit monthly PF Amount Share under my UAN. Or for some reason. If I have not filled up the Form 11. Then, I can use the List Previous Member ID Option of Portal to indicate the EPFO regarding my Previous Employer by myself as well.

How to List EPF Previous Member ID with UAN?

Step:-1 Member can feed the details of his/her previous member id to be linked with UAN. The name in the previous member id should match with the name of current member id. Otherwise, the system will not allow the member to link the previous member id with UAN.

List Previous Member ID_1

Step:-2 The screen below shows the details of the previous member id to be linked with UAN. Member has to tick the check box which says that the information displayed is correct and member account belongs to him/her and submit. Once member press the button ‘Submit’, he/she will be asked to ensure the message. If he/she is sure, can press ok. Otherwise, he/she can cancel it.

List Previous Member ID_2

Step:-3 When ‘OK’ is pressed by the member, following screen will appear informing you that information fed in by you is successfully saved. To link more previous ID’s, you can again select the state, office, feed member id and get the details.

How to List EPF Previous Member ID with UAN

Step:-4 Member can check the status by selecting ‘View Status’ from ‘Previous Member ID’. Member can also check eligibility for online transfer claim by selecting current member id on the top and pressing the button ‘Check Eligibility’ against the previous member id. The same is shown in the following screenshot:-

List Previous Member ID_4

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