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Hope you guys have Activated your UAN Number. If you guys have not Activated yet. Please Activate UAN first, only after that you will be able for UAN Card Download from Unified Member Portal. The Below posted Images are showing the front and Backside of UAN Card. Download UAN Card option also provided on the Screen as you can see in the images.

The UAN ID Card will be download in PDF Format. The front portion of the Card will display UAN, Name, Father’s /Husband’s Name, Member ID, Photo and KYC (as available in the EPFO Database).  The Backside of Card will display lasted five Member-ID linked with your UAN along with EPF Helpdesk Phone Number and Email Address.

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If your KYC uploaded by the Employer on Portal that will reflect as “YES” on the front side of the Card. If your KYC Has not been uploaded on Portal, then it will reflect as “NO” in the front of KYC.

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UAN Card Download Infographics
UAN Card Download Infographics

UAN Card Download – New Unified UAN Portal

(Note: logged- Your UAN must be Activated in order to Download UAN CARD. Otherwise, you will not be able to login into UAN Member Portal.)

There is nothing to elaborate in the process of UAN Card Download. Please follow the below-mentioned some simple step in order to Download Card.

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  • Step 1 In order to UAN Card Download, your UAN Number must be activated because you need login into the UAN Member Portal. Please visit the New Unified UAN Portal through the provided link:-
  • Step 2 On the Homepage of New Unified UAN Portal. You will find the Login Panel as below posted Image.

UAN Card Download

  • Step 3 Enter Your Activated UAN 12 digits Number in the UAN Field Box and Password of your UAN Portal. After Entering Activated UAN and Correct Password, you need to type the Correct “CAPTCHA” as Showing in the CAPTCHA Image. Then, Click on the “Sign in” button to UAN Login.
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UAN Card Download

  • Step 4 After login into UAN Portal, you will find the above-posted web page at the front. Please click on “More Info” link of the UAN Card. Once, you will click on the “More Info” link. You will redirect to your UAN Card PDF file web page.

UAN Card Download

  • Step 5 Now you can Download Card by clicking on the “Download Icon” at the top of Right-hand Side. You may also take the Print out of your UAN Card Directly from here by clicking on the “Printer Icon” if you have connected the Printer with the computer.

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